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What Connecticut residents need to know about elder abuse

On Behalf of | Mar 20, 2018 | Firm News, Nursing Home Neglect, Personal Injury |

When Connecticut residents hear the term elder abuse, they likely envision physical abuse against an elderly person. But, elder abuse can come in many other forms as well, particularly when an elderly person is a resident of a nursing home.

For starters,elder abuse doesn’t just entail physical acts against an elderly person, it also includes neglectful actions. It is probably pretty easy to see how this type of situation can occur in a nursing home setting, in which elderly residents may be overly dependent upon the help and assistance they receive from the nursing home staff. If, for instance, the nursing home staff members fail to provide the adequate level of supervision for residents, those elderly residents could be subject to falls or other accidents, which can result in injuries. Or, the staff may not render the appropriate level of medical treatment, or may not give the elderly resident the right amount of medication. All of this could be considered elder abuse.

But, beyond the physical aspects of elder abuse, there can be emotional and psychological affects as well. In a nursing home setting, this can include verbal insults or taunts, as well as isolation or a lack of personal interaction.

One of the biggest problems with elder abuse is that it is widely believed to be woefully underreported. The statistics our readers might see about instances of elder abuse will usually come with this caveat noted. When Connecticut residents believe that their elderly relatives are being subjected to elder abuse, they may need to take action.



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