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A sexual abuse victim makes a powerful statement in court

On Behalf of | Feb 12, 2018 | Firm News, Sexual Abuse |

By now many of readers in Connecticut have seen the national news coverage that is swirling around convicted child sex abuser Larry Nassar, a man who used to work with members of the women’s U.S. Olympic national team. Nassar was recently before a state court for his sentencing hearing after pleading guilty to multiple charges of first-degree criminal sexual assault, at which time several of his victims stood up in court and delivered victim impact statements.

One of the statements was given by Aly Raisman, a gymnast who was a member of the US Olympic team. A recent report noted that when it was Raisman’s time to address her abuser, she stood confidently in court and looked directly at Nassar as she delivered a scathing statement about his abuse of power and the bleak future he has to look forward to as he serves time in prison.

Other members of the US national team were also present after they came forward to reveal that Nassar had abused them as well. In addition to the crimes Nassar is facing due to his sexual abuse of these gymnasts, he has already been sentenced in federal court on child pornography charges as well. He was sentenced to serve 60 years in prison on those charges.

Victims of sexual abuse, such as these young women from the US national gymnastics team, have the right to confront their abusers and see that they are held accountable for their atrocities. Not only should these perpetrators face criminal charges for their actions, but they could also potential be held liable in civil court and be ordered to pay financial compensation to their victims.

Source: Time, “‘You Are Nothing.’ Olympian Aly Raisman Confronts Larry Nassar in Court With Powerful Speech,” Alice Park, Jan. 19, 2018



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