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MADD raises awareness about drunk driving during holidays

On Behalf of | Jan 4, 2018 | Firm News, Personal Injury |

Christmas has come and gone, but the New Year’s holiday is right around the corner. In the midst of the holiday season here in Connecticut, Mothers Against Drunk Driving — “MADD” — recently warned about the dangers of drunk driving, especially around the holidays.

In fact, at a recent event in Hartford, representatives from MADD were joined by city officials from Hartford, along with Hartford police officers, to raise awareness about the dangers of drunk driving. Many of the MADD representatives who were present at the event told the stories of how they have been personally – and permanently – affected by the actions of drunk drivers. Many of them had family members who were killed in car accidents that were caused by drunk drivers.

At the event, the representatives who were present acknowledged that the holiday season, especially New Year’s Eve, is a time for celebrations with family members and friends. For many people, this means that alcoholic beverages will be consumed. However, people who go out and celebrate and then get behind the wheel of a car are not only jeopardizing themselves, they are also jeopardizing everyone else on the roadways. The representatives at the recent event encouraged everyone to designate a sober driver.

Unfortunately, it seems like no matter how much awareness is raised about the dangers of drunk driving, each year there are thousands of Connecticut residents who engage in this dangerous behavior. The consequences of this behavior can be life-altering, and even deadly. Anyone who has been injured in a collision with a drunk driver may be able to pursue financial compensation in a personal injury lawsuit.

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