A recent post here addressed the rising danger of distracted drivers on the roads throughout our country. In fact, distracted drivers are such a danger that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states that every day approximately nine people die in car accidents that are ultimately attributed to distracted driving. But, what are the main distractions for drivers?

According to the CDC, there are three main types of distractions for drivers: visual, manual and cognitive. Visual distractions are any type of distractions that can cause drivers to take their eyes off of the road and away from the primary task of driving. For instance, these days many vehicles have elaborate on-dash entertainment and navigation displays. If those displays are causing the driver to look away from the road and traffic conditions — even for a second — that driver may be too distracted for the task at hand.

Next, manual distractions are any type of distractions that cause drivers to take their hands off of the steering wheel. The most obvious form of manual distraction these days is smartphones. When drivers take their hands off of the wheel to do something other than operate the vehicle, it could be a major distraction.

Lastly, cognitive distractions cause drivers to take their minds off of the task of driving. Although most drivers have been operating vehicles for years, it is still important to focus on driving, traffic around you and weather conditions. If a driver’s thoughts are not focused on operating the vehicle, the result could be a car accident caused by distracted driving.