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Injuries aren’t always readily apparent after a car accident

On Behalf of | Nov 6, 2017 | Car Accidents, Firm News, Personal Injury |

No one knows what to expect after they’ve been in a serious car accident. Their vehicle might be totaled, they might be in the middle of a traffic jam and they could be suffering from severe injuries. Whether it is a head-on collision, a T-bone collision or a rear-end collision, Connecticut residents need to put their health first in the aftermath of a car accident.

Unfortunately, some car accident victims may not realize the full extent of their injuries right after a car accident has occurred. Some injuries are obvious, like cuts, bruises and broken bones. But, other injuries, like brain injuries or spine injuries, may not be immediately known. A car accident victim may feel lucky to “walk away” from a crash but, when injuries occur, it is important to get a full medical check-up to evaluate the full extent of injuries.

The potential for delayed injury symptoms is why many car accident victims feel the need to take action to protect their legal rights. The latent effects of injuries can be difficult to connect to a car accident that occurred weeks or even months earlier. But, with the right approach, a car accident victim may be able to pursue financial compensation even when the full extent of their injuries isn’t readily apparent.

At our law firm, we do our best to work with our clients who have suffered injuries in a car accident in Connecticut. Personal injury lawsuits often conclude in a settlement when the full range of evidence is available to the parties, but sometimes these cases need to go to trial. At our law firm, we try to help our clients take the right course of action. For more information, please visit the car accident overview section of our law firm’s website.



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