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Trust your instincts when it comes to elder abuse

On Behalf of | Oct 24, 2017 | Firm News, Nursing Home Neglect, Personal Injury |

When Connecticut residents make the decision to move their elderly loved ones to a nursing home or assisted living facility, the decision is made with the elderly person’s best interests in mind. After all, we all want what is best for our loved ones, and sometimes the right decision is to relocate them to a facility that can provide the type of around-the-clock support they need.

But, you are the one who knows your loved one best. When you visit them at the nursing home, are you seeing a change in their behavior or personality? Yes, they may be experiencing health problems and, perhaps, loneliness, but is there something else that you believe just feels “off”? If so, there may be an issue with nursing home abuse or neglect.

Most people who work in nursing homes are incredibly compassionate and do their best to make sure that residents are receiving the care and attention they need. But, unfortunately, there can be some “bad apples” as well, just like in any other profession. They may not be doing something deliberately to abuse your loved one, but their neglect may be subjecting your loved one to injuries, illness or medication errors. When this occurs, it may be up to you to take action.

Connecticut residents who believe that their relatives may be subject to abuse or neglect may be able to bring a claim in civil court. Any type of abuse or neglect simply is not tolerable – not only for the health and safety of your loved one, but for all of the residents in the facility. When it comes to elder abuse, trust your instincts. For more information about how our law firm may be able to assist, please visit the nursing home neglect and elder abuse section of our website.



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