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An overview of elder abuse

On Behalf of | Aug 30, 2017 | Firm News, Nursing Home Neglect, Personal Injury |

When most people think of elder abuse, they probably think of neglect or abuse that occurs to residents of nursing homes. But, while this is definitely a type of elder abuse, there are more instances in which elder abuse may occur.

Elder abuse is not confined to actions that occur within nursing homes. Physical abuse can occur in many different settings, including in a hospital or with in-home care. Elderly victims of physical abuse may be hesitant to speak out, so it is important for family members to look for the signs of this type of abuse, such as bruises or cuts that can’t be explained.

Beyond physical abuse, elderly people can also be subjected to mental and emotional abuse. Particularly in nursing homes, the victims can be subjected to verbal abuse and harassment, and they can even be threatened and insulted. This type of abuse can have a significant impact on a person’s mental and emotional stability.

Financial abuse of elderly Connecticut residents is an issue that has gained more prominent news coverage in recent years, as caretakers have been accused of taking and using funds without permission. Lastly, neglect falls within the area of elder abuse. Particularly, again in nursing homes, staff levels may not meet the needs of the nursing home residents. This can result in nursing home neglect, both in instances of purposefully neglecting to meet a resident’s needs and in accidental neglect due to staffing shortages.

If your family member has been subjected to any type of elder abuse, you may wish to consult an attorney to discuss any questions you may have regarding your legal options.



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