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After a car accident, insurance companies usually lowball

On Behalf of | May 11, 2017 | Car Accidents, Firm News, Personal Injury |

People injured in a Connecticut car collision will often receive a settlement offer from the insurance company to preclude what can be an exponentially costly legal battle. In many of these cases, either the person will accept the offer, not realizing how badly they were injured, or they will mistakenly believe that the offer is the most they can get. For those who receive an offer and believe that it is too low, there are certain steps to take to try and decide how best to proceed.

The insurance claims adjuster is there to save as much money for the company as possible. With that, the injured person needs to conduct an analysis of the offer. The insurance company might not have all the necessary information to come to a reasonable amount. There could be a belief that the injured person was guilty of contributory negligence. Alternatively, it might be a time-tested negotiating tactic, just to see if the person takes the offer.

When there is an offer, the person should formulate a written response. In some cases, the company just does not have all the necessary documentation, and it can be solved by providing it. The insurer could be influenced by a written reply as it puts a face on the person who was hurt and suffered property damage. Since the insurer might be willing to negotiate, there is nothing wrong with presenting a counteroffer. It might be hard to believe, but there could be some middle ground to settle.

Finally, there is the option to take the insurance company to court. It can be a negotiating tactic on its own, or an actual threat. Insurance companies generally prefer to stay out of court to avoid lawyer’s fees. However, going to court always presents a risk that the injured will lose and end up with little or nothing.

After a car accident, the amount that was lost can vary, depending on vehicle damage, medical bills and many other factors. An offer from the insurance company can be confusing. For those who believe that an offer was too low or enough, speaking to an experienced attorney can help.

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