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Addressing driverless cars and a possible auto accident

On Behalf of | May 17, 2017 | Car Accidents, Firm News, Personal Injury |

Technological advances have entered every aspect of the lives of Connecticut residents and people across the nation. One that will take some getting used to is vehicles that do not require a driver. Driverless cars are on the way — in fact, they are here. And, Connecticut is at the front of the line in making it a reality, while discussing safety measures. There are unavoidable aspects with this drastic change that must be addressed.

The laws regarding motor vehicles will need to be adjusted to account for this new world, particularly when it comes to an auto accident and the accident investigation. To be certain, there will no longer be a worry about drunk drivers with driverless vehicles. But, there are other issues that will inevitably come to the forefront.

There has been some controversy with driverless vehicles in California, Arizona and Pennsylvania. Nonetheless, Connecticut seeks to avoid those controversies with research and safety protocols. A new bill advanced in the state senate suggests that a task force be initiated to examine what dangers driverless vehicles can pose.

Agencies, like the Office of Policy and Management, will need to address the statutory language for driverless vehicles. It will provide obvious benefits to those who are elderly or infirm, but the drawbacks must be calculated before these vehicles become part of the landscape.

Questions that have been asked center on poor road conditions, weather and how these vehicles will adapt — if they even can adapt. Changing the laws will be paramount to these new vehicles to protect those who could be hurt in a crash.

Even with autonomous vehicles, it is unlikely that there will be an end to incidents with a car collision, injuries and death. As the world changes, it is important for people to be aware of what is happening. With any car wreck, whether it is with a driver who is operating the vehicle or a vehicle operating autonomously, there will always be a need for legal advice to seek compensation. An auto accident attorney can help.

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