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Bridgeport dedicates April to enforce texting and driving laws

On Behalf of | Apr 17, 2017 | Car Accidents, Firm News, Personal Injury |

Texting and driving is dangerous. This is true in Bridgeport, Connecticut and across the U.S. Given the risks, law enforcement is trying to develop methods to stop drivers from texting and driving. Nonetheless, there will still be people who ignore the dangers, causing car accidents. These accidents can result in injuries and fatalities. Those who are injured must be aware of how to proceed with a legal filing to get compensated.

In Bridgeport, the month of April is dedicated to cracking down on distracted drivers. This is part of an annual campaign. Law enforcement officers will spend the month enforcing laws against distracted driving. While it is commonly known that it is a traffic violation to text while driving, many people do it anyway. With the increased manpower dedicated to enforcement, it is the hope that drivers will think twice before using their smartphone while driving and risking a ticket.

Law enforcement states that there are too many drivers, who are paying closer attention to their smartphones than they are the road. The risk of there being an auto accident because of texting and driving is increasing as more people have devices. April is also the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) month, dedicated to preventing distracted driving.

People who are cited for distracted driving can receive a $150 ticket the first time, a $300 ticket the second time and a $500 ticket the third time. NHTSA research says that there were nearly 3,500 people killed and around 391,000 hurt in accidents with distracted drivers in 2015. That was a rise of 9 percent from the prior year.

Given the jeopardy of using smart phones behind the wheel, the law penalizes those that cause accidents as a result. And, when there is a car crash that results, a lawsuit can help the victims get back to normalcy.

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