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Behaviors of millennials raise the risk of a car crash

On Behalf of | Apr 2, 2017 | Car Accidents, Firm News, Personal Injury |

As Connecticut residents can attest, there are numerous dangers on the road that must be considered. It is useful to pay attention to the trends that are studied as to why an auto accident might happen. One trend that is troublesome has to do with the recklessness of so-called millennials when they are behind the wheel. A study by AAA states that drivers categorized as millennials are the worst in the nation.

A survey of more than 2,500 drivers over age 16 found that 88 percent of millennials took part in a minimum of one risky activity while driving in the previous 30 days. These included driving at excessive speed, not adhering to traffic laws and texting and driving. For context, 67.3 percent of drivers between the ages of 60 and 74 stated they took part in the same behaviors.

The executive director of AAA was concerned that drivers between the ages of 19 and 24 think that it is acceptable to drive in this manner. They apparently do not grasp how much jeopardy they are placing themselves and others. Similarly, the National Safety Council states that there were 40,200 fatalities in auto accidents in 2016. This is a rise of 6 percent from the previous year. This is evidence that the dangers on the road are more concerning as it is the worst year in terms of fatalities since 2007.

These numbers make clear that people need to be vigilant not just for the vehicles that they are sharing the road with, but also with the operators of those vehicles. A car crash must be examined not just for how it happened, but also for who was involved. Since a distracted driver and texting and driving can cause an accident and serious injury, those who were affected should make sure to discuss a case with an attorney so a full investigation can be conducted in preparation for a legal filing.

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