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Connecticut winter, drivers’ carelessness, cause accidents

On Behalf of | Mar 24, 2017 | Car Accidents, Firm News, Personal Injury |

Winter in Connecticut has its advantages. Many people enjoy participating in outdoor cold-weather activities, such as skiing, ice-skating and sledding. Some simply like walking around looking at the freshly-fallen snow. Unfortunately, however, for those that have to travel during the winter, whether for a long trip or just a daily commute, snow, ice and slush can be dangerous.

Last week, wintery weather created poor road conditions across the entire state. Drivers were stopped for lengthy periods of time in several places due to crashes involving multiple vehicles. While some drivers felt that the state had done a good job treating the roads to keep them passable, some also called out other drivers for not being careful enough to deal with wet and slippery conditions.

Indeed, the state Department of Transportation reportedly stated that when multiple vehicle accidents occur, it is almost always because drivers are driving too fast or following too close. To prevent these types of crashes, drivers are urged to keep the condition of the roads in mind at all times and to adjust their driving to account for the slippery surfaces and poor visibility that Connecticut winters can bring.

While delays due to car accidents are an annoyance, being involved in one can change the course of a victim’s life. Injuries suffered in an accident can lead to medical expenses, lost wages and potential future pain and disability. If such injuries occur due to another driver’s carelessness on the road, Connecticut residents may have legal rights to attempt to recover compensation for their losses.

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