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Connecticut’s busy highways may lead to car accidents

On Behalf of | Jan 12, 2017 | Car Accidents, Firm News, Personal Injury |

Connecticut residents are well aware that the roads in the state can be quite crowded, especially at certain times of the day and year. With the major winter holidays approaching, more and more people will be travelling to visit family and friends in the upcoming weeks. With Connecticut situated between two major metroplexes, New York and Boston, and home to a major interstate highway, I-95, running between them, the state’s roads are bound to see an influx of traffic over this period of time.

Along with higher volumes of traffic comes a greater chance of people being involved in car accidents. Simply having ore cars on the roads leads to more potential for individual drivers to act in a negligent way, whether through being distracted by the kids in the back seat, being tired, or even having had a bit too much alcohol at a holiday party. When these drivers end up created the circumstances that lead to a car crash, other people’s lives can be affected.

As we have touched on previously, negligence is a legal concept consisting of several elements, including breach, types of causation, and damages. When attempting to hold a negligent driver responsible for injuries suffered in an automobile accident, having the evidence to prove these elements, and knowing how to best demonstrate them to a judge or jury can be very important. Further, having to deal with possible defenses, such as comparative negligence and the like, might also be required.

Because of this, Connecticut residents who suffer damage at the hands of a negligent driver may wish to consider consulting an experienced injury attorney. These professionals know the state court system, and have handled previous cases requiring them to marshal evidence in support of negligence claims and prove that another is responsible for their client’s injuries. The law allows one to hold others liable for their negligent actions in car accidents, but it takes preparation and knowledge to attain the justice victims deserve.



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