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Do not ignore signs of nursing home abuse in Connecticut

On Behalf of | Nov 2, 2016 | Firm News, Nursing Home Neglect, Personal Injury |

The holidays are once again fast approaching, and for many people in Connecticut and around the country, this means gatherings with friends and family. Unfortunately, some people have had to place elderly relatives in places where they can be cared for regularly and their quality of life maintained. Whether these individuals are being picked up for a holiday celebration elsewhere, or family members are visiting them at their nursing homes, it is important for family members to be vigilant about the conditions in their loved one’s place of residence.

Most people trust that other individuals and institutions are doing the best they can, and this is especially true of people or institutions that are supposed to be professional, such as those providing care for at-risk individuals. “Rocking the boat” is something most people do not wish to do, especially at a time such as around the holidays. However, it is important that family members are aware of the possibility of neglect or abuse at their loved one’s places of residence, and that they are on the lookout for potential signs and symptoms of neglect or abuse.

We have previously discussed what some of these indications of neglect or abuse may be. Bedsores, weight loss and unexplained rashes may be some of the most obvious physical signs. We have also talked about the rights that nursing home residents have to be free from physical restraints, and from drugs used only to make them docile and compliant. Further, we have discussed the fact that a good care plan is essential for creating a framework for the resident’s health and happiness.

The most important thing family members can do is listen to their loved one, and take their feelings and opinions seriously. If the nursing home resident has complaints, these should be looked into. If Connecticut residents fear their family members have been subject to nursing home abuse, they may wish to follow our link for more information.



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