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It takes strength to stand up to perpetrators of sexual abuse

On Behalf of | Jul 22, 2016 | Firm News, Sexual Abuse |

As we have noted in the past, it is an unfortunate fact that Connecticut residents are abused sexually in childhood at a rate of about 14 percent of the population. That means almost one-fifth of all girls and about 7 percent of boys in the state have been molested. Furthermore, most of the time the perpetrators of this abuse are not creepy strangers who kidnap and assault their victims, but rather are relatives or trusted members of the community who use their positions of power and contact with children to commit their crimes. This means that ferreting out the abuse and holding those responsible for it liable can be tricky, as it takes a special kind of courage for victims to tell their stories.

Having had over 150 clients who have come forward to try to make their abusers pay for the damage they created, we have been impressed over and over again by the ability of victims to control their fear and do what is right for themselves and the community. Because only by shining a light on the problem on childhood sexual abuse can society attempt to ameliorate the frequency and effect these crimes have on the people abused.

To stand up to the abusers often also often means standing up to societal institutions that, either through negligence, indifference, or fear of loss of power and prestige, have failed the most vulnerable among Connecticut’s citizens. Having to go up against religious organizations, medical professionals, schools or other well-liked children’s groups such as scouting troops, can be daunting for even the most courageous plaintiff. Attorneys experienced in dealing with these accusations and these types of institutions may be able to help give victims the confidence to ask for the compensation they deserve.

Further, as we have previously discussed, certain people are required by law to report signs of such abuse. When they fail to meet this duty, it can cause further harm by allowing an abuser to abuse a victim multiple times, or find other victims when he or she should have been stopped. For more information about our background with child sexual abuse civil actions, please follow the link to our website.



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