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Watching for signs of nursing home neglect

On Behalf of | Apr 29, 2016 | Firm News, Nursing Home Neglect |

The decision to place a loved one in a nursing home or other care facility can be one of the most upsetting in a person’s life. Very often the older individual is resistant to the idea and family members feel guilty, even though the decision really may be for the best. In most instances, the care a person receives in a nursing home is adequate and appropriate for his or needs, but unfortunately, many nursing home residents suffer from the effects of neglect.

A few weeks ago this blog covered bedsores and how they can end up being dangerous for anyone, but especially to older individuals. Unfortunately, these marks are not the only symptom of abuse or neglect by nursing home staff. Perhaps even more dangers signs are malnutrition or dehydration. But what how does one know if these conditions exist, if one is not a medical professional?

One obvious sign may be rapid weight loss. Seizures or memory function deterioration might also point to one of these conditions. Yellowing, reddening or dryness of skin are also possible symptoms. Finally, watch for oral infections or other dental issues.

Obviously, many of these potential symptoms may be subtle and may also be simply part of the aging process. But it may be wise to trust one’s instincts about a facility. If something seems not right, there’s a chance it isn’t. It may be a good idea for people in these situations who suspect nursing home abuse to consider seeking out an experienced attorney who has handles nursing home neglect cases. These professionals may be able to put together signs that you may have missed, and in the case of dehydration or malnutrition, time can be of the essence in ensuring a positive outcome for one’s loved one.



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