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Even people in power can be held responsible for sexual abuse

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One of the crimes looked upon as most egregious in Connecticut are those involving sexual abuse, especially when that abuse happens to children. Unfortunately, some estimate that over 39 million people in the United States have gone through this sort of abuse. And, while law enforcement and state agencies certainly take these crimes seriously, sometimes people fall through the cracks, as we recently reported about children left in the care of someone on the sex offender registry.

It is also the case that many times, sexual abuse does not come at the hands of unknown strangers, but from people who are known and trusted by parents and children. As high profile cases in the news make clear, people in positions of power, such as clergy members, educators and coaches can be involved in the abuse of minors. Further, there are people who the law considers “mandated reporters” who sometimes fail in their duties to report evidence that abuse has occurred. These may be doctors, counselors, school officials or psychologists.

People like the above are often thought to be above reproach by our society, as their positions involve a certain amount of trust being given to them due to their achievement in their various fields. However, it is important that those who abuse this trust are held accountable, not only by society at large, but by the victims who have been damaged by their actions. Attorneys experienced in handling such cases are used to dealing with the media and social pressure that sometimes accrues when accusing a beloved authority figure of terrible acts.

It should be remembered that most people in authority are good, trustworthy people, and that one should not paint any group with a broad brush. But, in cases where someone has abused that trust and harmed another through sexual abuse, the victims deserve to have some form of justice, and to possibly seek some form of compensation through a civil action for damages. For more information on child sexual abuse legal options in Connecticut please feel free to inspect our webpage through the link above.

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