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What is sexual assault in Connecticut and how is it proven?

On Behalf of | Nov 27, 2015 | Firm News, Sexual Abuse |

Some legal topics are tough to talk about. One of those topics is sex crimes. There are few crimes against humanity that can resonate such emotional trauma like sexual assault. This is one reason why it is so important that those responsible for sexual assault crimes in Connecticut to be held responsible for their wrongdoing.

Sexual assault is typically referred to as any crime in which the offender subjects the victim to sexual touching that is unwanted and offensive. This can manifest as groping, sexual assault or even rape. In order to prove that unwanted sexual touching occurred, the courts will first look to prove whether the activity was unwanted, unwarranted or if the victim was coerced. Some victims are coerced into unwanted sexual activity by the use of drugs or alcohol.

It is important to do a full investigation if you or a loved one believes they were the victim of sexual assault. Forensic evidence or witness testimony can help build evidence against a sexual aggressor. Depending on the sexual act, certain sexual acts are held to stronger penalties. For example, rape would bring more charges than groping since rape is a more severe crime.

Whatever the situation, sexual assault is wrong and the aggressor should be held accountable for their actions. Whether blatantly aggressed or coerced into unwanted sexual acts, no means no. There are ways to recover for the damages a sexual victim endures. While it will not turn back the hands of time, it could help to rebuild the identity of the victim.

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