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Four injured, 2 seriously, in Meriden multi-vehicle crash

On Behalf of | Oct 8, 2015 | Car Accidents, Firm News |

It’s no secret that Connecticut’s Route 15 is a much-traveled road with many lanes of traffic in either direction. Disaster struck last week when a minor fender-bender turned into a major accident with serious injuries to a driver and an infant passenger. These accidents are terrible because it seems that it could have possibly been avoided. The details of the accident are few, and authorities are asking anyone with more information to step forward to help these parties sort out the details of the multi-vehicle car accident.

It all started early afternoon in the right center lane of the northbound Route 15. According to reports, a minor accident occurred between two vehicles in the lane. A third vehicle that witnessed the accident then pulled over behind the second vehicle. The fourth vehicle then collided with the rear of the third vehicle causing it to strike the second vehicle with so much force that it hit the first vehicle. The third vehicle then came to rest 180 degrees from it’s original position.

Sadly, an infant was a passenger, and became trapped, in the third vehicle that life responders freed immediately upon reaching the scene. The driver of that vehicle, a passenger and the infant were admitted to medical care immediately for their serious injuries. The driver of the first vehicle also sought medical attention. Due to the complexities of the crash and the number of parties involved, a full investigation will need to be conducted in order to determine negligence.

While many may speculate as to who is the real negligent driver in this situation, it is likely that almost every driver shares some portion of the blame. However, one will likely take the majority of the responsibility and be held accountable for their negligent actions. Who this will be at this point is uncertain. However, when it is discerned there may be reparations paid upon behalf of the negligent to the innocent parties.

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