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Accidents and injuries happen when one least expects them. For instance, one could be shopping at the mall and may slip and fall because the floor was wet and the shop owner failed to warn patrons of the wet floor or spot. Or a person could be visiting a friend and their dog may bite without provocation. Or one may lose their balance on a stairwell because the railing was in disrepair. All these incidents can result in serious injuries and are examples of premises liability cases.

Connecticut residents who have been injured because a property owner failed to maintain their premises may want to contact the law offices of Tremont Sheldon P.C. We specialize in personal injury lawsuits and if you are concerned about the cost, you may find it helpful to learn that our initial consultation is absolutely free.

It is important for people to keep in mind that just because one slips and falls and injures themselves does not automatically mean that they are entitled to compensation. Thus, we cannot stress enough the importance of having an attorney evaluate the legal sufficiency of the specific circumstances of a particular case. We work one-on-one with our clients and will give our clients an honest legal assessment.

We will sit down and explain what rights an injured party has, and what if any compensation they may be entitled to for their injuries. We provide competent legal representation in personal injury cases and are skilled in handling premises liability cases that involve attacks by dogs, injuries to customers and patrons due to faulty security and injuries to customers due to slip-and-falls. Visit our firm’s website for more information about a variety of personal injury and premises liability topics.

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