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Legal help available for sexual abuse survivors

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It may take years and even decades for those who have suffered sexual abuse in their childhood or adulthood to come forward, but when one comes forward it is important to hold the abuser accountable for their actions. Our Connecticut residents may not be aware of this dire statistic but there are an estimated 39 million childhood sexual abuse survivors in the United States. It is further estimated that nearly 20 percent of girls and about 7 percent of boys between the ages of seven and 13 have suffered sexual abuse. In fact, in Connecticut it is estimated that about 14 percent of the state’s population have suffered some kind of a sexual assault.

Perpetrators of sexual abuse tend to be persons of authority and trusted individuals such as a religious leaders, teachers, camp counselors, medical professionals, close family friends and even family members. When an adult takes advantage of a child, the child may be confused by it all, may not know how to react, what to do, who to confide in and may simply not understand what is happening.

The law office of Tremont Sheldon P.C. recognizes the courage and strength it takes sexual abuse survivors to come forward with their claims. Our attorneys understand how difficult it can be for sexual abuse survivors to speak about the injustice that was done to them. However, Connecticut residents can take comfort in knowing that regardless of who their abuser is, what their status in society is and how powerful the abuser is in society, we will pursue justice for our clients.

A sexual abuse survivor may be entitled to damages for the harm caused as a result of the sexual abuse. However, it is important to note that under current Connecticut law a sexual abuse survivor has about 30 years after they are emancipated to bring a civil action against their abuser.



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