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Saturday Night Live Sexual Abuse Skit

On Behalf of | Apr 24, 2015 | Firm News, Sexual Abuse |

Just this past weekend a “Saturday Night Live” skit about a male student having sex with his female high school teacher painted the relationship as every teen boy’s dream, but drew a firestorm of criticism on social media. Teacher sexual abuse, no matter what gender, leaves the victim with a lifetime of emotional scars. In Connecticut in the last several months, 2 female teacher sex abuse cases have received lots of media attention (one in Madison and one in Stamford). Female teacher sex abuse, as discussed in the Reuters article, is now being vigorously prosecuted.

U.S. cracks down on female teachers who sexually abuse students

Danbury High School Teacher Charged with Sexual Assault

Two More Teachers Accused of Sexual Assault at Danbury High and Daniel Hand High



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