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Sexual abuse lawsuit filed against a 2nd CT boarding school

On Behalf of | Feb 13, 2015 | Firm News, Sexual Abuse |

According to recent media reports, a boarding school in Salisbury, Connecticut is facing a lawsuit and is from a former student over sexual abuse claims. The alleged incidents date back at least 30 years. The legal filings indicate that in the mid 198-‘s the student was not only the subject of ritualized sexual hazing by other students at the boarding school, but that he was also raped by a teacher.

Allegedly, the victim tried to write about the boarding school’s failure to take action regarding his sexual abuse complaint, but was prevented from doing so by then school officials. Specifically, the sexual abuse victim tried to publish the school’s lack of action and response in the student newspaper, but his efforts were stonewalled. Current school officials stated that they are looking into the claims, and reiterated that they are committed to student safety.

The victim is seeking an unspecified amount of damages. Sadly this is not the first time a school is facing such serious allegations of sexual abuse on their premises. In fact, a similar lawsuit was filed against another school near the boarding school in question here. The principal of that school was reportedly disheartened and shocked by the allegations.

Connecticut residents may not know that under current law an individual who was molested or sexually abused by a person of authority or respect, such as a member of the clergy, a camp counselor, a teacher, a healthcare professional and the like, have until three decades beyond the age of emancipation or majority to file a sexual abuse claim. However, a civil action based on a claim of sexual abuse can be complicated and emotionally difficult. Therefore, it might be a good idea for those considering taking such action to speak with a legal professional who is compassionate, aggressive, and experienced.

Source: FOX News, “2nd Connecticut boarding school faces suit alleging sex abuse of ex-student, rape by teacher,” Feb. 5, 2015



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