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Have you suffered an accident and injuries in your workplace?

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Accidents can happen suddenly and when one least expects it. If injuries result, one may have a personal injury claim, particularly if said accident occurred due to the mistake or negligence of someone else. Alhough many people think of slip and fall accidents as personal injury cases, in reality, personal injury claims can arise in many other instances, as well, such as vehicular accidents or injuries caused by the usage of a dangerous or defective product, such as a toy or drug. Additionally, workplace injuries that caused not by the employer or a fellow employee, but due to the negligence of some other party, potentially can give rise to personal injury claims.

For many, the legal procedure, terminology and the whole process can be overwhelming, but Connecticut residents may find it helpful to know that we at the Bridgeport Law Office can help. Our experienced staff can handle any personal injury claim. We will take the time to look at the facts of your specific case, evaluate it and let you know if the circumstances rise to the level of a personal injury claim.

When it comes to workplace injuries, if the injury happened during the course of one’s employment, then worker’s compensation laws would apply. We can help in such cases, as well, to get you the appropriate compensation for your injuries, both during and after recovery. However, it is important to immediately seek legal advice when injured to get the circumstances surrounding one’s injuries evaluated.

Generally, workplace injuries and accidents fall under the legal umbrella of worker’s compensation, and worker’s compensation insurance, which most employers are required to have, will be the only means of getting recovery. However, personal injury actions may also arise from workplace injuries in some cases.

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