The International Academy of Trial Lawyers (IATL) is comprised of a select group of litigators, many of whom are plaintiffs’ personal injury lawyers. Cindy Robinson, the first woman in Connecticut to be inducted into IATL, attended the mid-year meeting in July where Linda Sher, the Academy executive director, made a compelling presentation on human sex trafficking of minors throughout the country. Since the meeting, Cindy, along with other Connecticut Fellows, has met with DCF Commissioner, Joette Katz and Tammy Sneed, a nationally recognized expert on child sex trafficking, in order to learn more about the problem. The group was shocked to learn that sex trafficking of minors is happening right here in the state of Connecticut! Pimps advertise online in a number of sites giving young girls VISA debit card as a form of payment. The girls then find themselves in hotels within major Connecticut cities where they meet up with a John. The group hopes to work in conjunction with other agencies in order to formulate and promote a plan to combat child sex trafficking.