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Have you been injured on an unsafe premises?

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Generally speaking most people expect the premises they are visiting such as a shopping center, store, restaurants, a friend home or apartment complex to be fairly safe. However, what many people may not realize is that if the property owner fails to take steps to keep their place free of hazardous or dangerous property conditions such as not fixing a broken step, not cleaning up a slippery floor or not addressing known security issues on one’s property then that property owner may be liable for any injuries that may result directly because of the hazard the dangerous condition posed.

Staff at Tremont Sheldon P.C. understand premises liability and know that injuries from a slip and fall accident because a property owner failed to clean a slippery floor can be debilitating. We realize that injuries sustained in a slip and fall incident can directly affect one’s ability to go to work impacting one’s source of livelihood. Furthermore, such incidents can result in ongoing medical expenses such as the need for physical therapy and more.

Though many people immediately think of slip and fall accidents when it comes to premises liability examples, other examples include security issues and also dog bites. For example, in apartment complexes, parking garages and the like, property owners have a responsibility to address security issues, particularly if incidents have occurred and have been brought to their attention. When visitors and patrons are attacked and suffer injuries due to the physical attack on their person, that person may be able to hold the property owner responsible.

However, the facts of every premises liability case are different and unique. Simply because someone has suffered a slip and fall does not automatically mean that one has a strong personal injury case. Thus, it is extremely important for anyone who has suffered an injury on a property due to a hazardous or unsafe condition to speak with someone at Tremont Sheldon P.C. to get the facts evaluated.

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