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Lawsuit Filed Against Episcopal Church Youth Group Leader in Milford, Connecticut

On Behalf of | Oct 29, 2014 | Firm News, Sexual Abuse |

Tremont Sheldon P.C. filed a lawsuit against an Episcopal Church Youth group leader in Milford, Connecticut on the behalf of Jane Doe. In approximately 2007 , Jane Doe, was a minor when she was sexually assaulted by Jesse Osmun. At the time Osmun assaulted Jane, he was working as the adult advisor to a youth group at St. Peter’s Church in Milford, CT. The youth group was called the Kenyan Project, and Jane was a participant in that program. Jesse Osmun sexually assaulted Jane on the premises of St. Peter’s Church, an Episcopal parish in Milford, CT.

Shortly after the last assault, Jane reported to the pastor of St. Peter’s that she had been molested by Jesse Osmun. The pastor of the church was the Reverend Andrew Osmun, who happened to be the father of Jesse Osmun. Andrew Osmun was a mandated reporter under Connecticut law and was required to report the molestation to state and law enforcement officials. Reverend Osmun did not report the assaults. Instead, Jesse Osmun joined the Peace Corps, and he was assigned to work in Africa.

Jesse Osmun has confessed to United States law enforcement officials that while working at an orphanage in South Africa, he sexually assaulted multiple children in 2010 and 2011. Several of his victims were under the age of six. Before being assigned to South Africa, it is believed Osmun had worked in Kenya.

Jesse Osmun has been convicted of molesting the children in South Africa. On October 10, 2012 he was sentenced to a 15-year prison sentence, which he is serving in Fort Dix, NJ.

In addition, on November 20, 2012, Seth T. Osmun, a former substitute teacher and day care worker, and brother of Jesse Osmun, was sentenced in Texas to two years in prison for possession of child pornography on his computer.



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