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Hit and run injures 26-year-old Hartford woman

On Behalf of | Oct 30, 2014 | Car Accidents, Firm News |

A recent hit and run in Connecticut sent a 26-year-old woman to the hospital with injuries. According to media reports and a video that caught the hit and run on camera, the incident occurred immediately after the 26-year-old woman was dropped off by a friend. As soon as she exited the car and started walking toward an apartment complex, she was hit by a car traveling down the street. The driver of the vehicle that hit her did not stop.

The force of the impact was so violent that it sent her body flying through the air and landing right on her face a few feet from where she was initially struck by the moving vehicle. According to her recollection, everything happened so quickly that she did not see it coming.

The driver that struck her did not stop after the impact but instead drove off. Following the accident, the 26-year-old woman was taken to a hospital with multiple scrapes on her arm and wrists and a lung contusion. When she landed on her face, the force loosened one of her teeth. As a result of the impact, the woman had to have her teeth fitted for braces.

The car accident is still under investigation and police are currently looking for the alleged hit and run driver and have alerted body shops in the area to report any minivans that fit the description that may come in for body work, especially for dents on the front of the vehicle where the impact took place.

The 26-year-old woman is lucky that she did not sustain very serious injuries as a result of the hit and run. Nevertheless, many other pedestrians may not be as lucky. Generally, a collision between a two-ton vehicle and a person can be devastating for the person. The reality is that accidents involving pedestrians and cars, trucks and other vehicles routinely happen. When they do, an injury may lead to medical expenses directly stemming from the incident. In such cases, though people may not know what to legally do or what their options are, contacting a personal injury law firm for more information may help.

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