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Wilton Connecticut Superintendent Apologizes in School Sex Abuse Claim Against Paraprofessional

On Behalf of | Sep 4, 2014 | Firm News, School Sexual Abuse |

The Wilton School superintendent still facing tough questions after a paraprofessional accused of inappropriately touching a child was allowed to work after the for more than a year after the allegations. Eric Von Kohorn did not resign for Wilton public schools until June 16th of 2014 after he was arrested for possessing and sharing child pornography. Even though a family came forward with allegations that Von Kohorn touched their child back in January of 2013.

At a recent meeting addressing the scandal, superintendent Smith said he may have left out a crucial detail about Von Kohorn’s 7 year tenure with the school. In a letter he posted on the school’s website Friday, Smith apologized to parents stating: “Mr. Von KoHorn did walk a student to the bathroom without other staff members present.” This critical detail could corroborate what the Wilton family is claiming, that Von Kohorn touched their child while working for the preschool. “You really want to be a legitimate administrator you want people to believe in what you have to say,” said Joy Eller of Wilton. Smith said he still trying to figure out why Von Kohorn was allowed to continue to work for the school board for such a lengthy amount of time even though he was accused by a parent in appropriately touching a child. He also added that he just recently got the job of superintendent and said it was the director of the preschool that was originally handling the investigation back 2013. A.J. Walker, WTNH



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