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What are my legal options if I was sexually abused?

On Behalf of | Sep 11, 2014 | Firm News, Sexual Abuse |

The topic of sexual abuse is difficult to talk about, but victims of sexual abuse must know that resources are available to them, and that they are not alone. According to the Connecticut Sexual Assault Crisis Services, nearly 20 percent of girls and about seven percent of boys have been victims of child sexual abuse. Furthermore, about 14 percent of Connecticut residents likely experienced some kind of childhood sexual assault. Presently, an estimated 40 million childhood sexual abuse survivors live in the US.

The most vulnerable age is between the tender ages of seven to early teen age of 13. Most victims of childhood sexual abuse do not speak of it until they are older. It will take survivors time to express themselves and it may take them years if not decades, but survivors of childhood sexual abuse should understand that under current Connecticut law, any individual who is seeking compensation as a direct result of the sexual abuse has 30 years after emancipation to file a lawsuit. Thus, the typical age a childhood sexual abuse survivor can file a lawsuit is up to 48.

Childhood sexual abuse survivors need a voice and justice. Having a powerful advocate by one’s side during this time is helpful. Staff at Tremont & Sheldon P.C. can evaluate one’s specific situation and work relentlessly to get a survivor justice. In fact, Tremont & Sheldon P.C. understand how difficult this is and will not hesitate to hold powerful entities such as religious leaders who may be responsible for committing such abuses.

Additionally, we will not hesitate to hold others such as schoolteachers, healthcare providers, coaches and other people of authority who may have committed the heinous act of child sexual abuse. Our firm’s sexual abuse overview will help educate victims and their loved ones about their situation. Understanding your rights is the first step to initiating any claim of action.



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