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Caregiver facing charges for alleged elder abuse

On Behalf of | Aug 22, 2014 | Firm News, Nursing Home Neglect |

Aging is an evitable fact of life. As people age, many face a decline in physical and mental health. In some cases, elderly people may need constant care and family members may not be equipped to care for the elderly person. Thankfully, there are options such as assisted living facilities and in-care home to help the elderly receive the care they need. Families hope that these options will allow their loved ones to get the compassionate care and attention they need.

Connecticut residents may find it disturbing to learn that recently a caregiver at an assisted living facility in Pennsylvania was arrested and charged with neglect of a care dependent individual and simple assault. According to authorities, relatives of a 90-year-old woman living at an assisted living facility noticed several unexplained bruises. Suspecting potential elder abuse they installed a camera similar to a nanny-cam in her room to document what was occurring. To their dismay, they captured at least two separate incidents where a 36-year-old caregiver allegedly abused or neglected the 90-year-old woman.

In one instance, the staff member was observed physically rough handling the elderly woman, causing her to actually wail in pain and beg for assistance. In another instance, the same caregiver was observed interacting with the elderly woman with so much force that the elderly woman ended up striking a walker and knocking it down. Additionally, the 36-year-old physically handled the woman so roughly when getting her to stand upright the woman again was sobbing and pleading for help.

It is harrowing and difficult for anyone to hear about such incidents. It is harder to grasp when one’s own family member is suffering at the hands of someone trusted with their care. Sadly, nursing home abuse does happen. Families should be vigilant for signs of abuse such as unexplained bruising. No one, especially those in a vulnerable position, should be subjected to such abuse. Seeking justice for victims of elder abuse may serve to show the abusers that there are consequences for such despicable behavior.

Source: CBS Philly, “Police: ‘Nanny-Cam’ Caught Disturbing Abuse of Woman, 90, At Bucks County Facility,” Steve Beck, August 15, 2014

Source: CBS Philly, “Police: ‘Nanny-Cam’ Caught Disturbing Abuse of Woman, 90, At Bucks County Facility,” Steve Beck, August 15, 2014



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