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Introducing Tim Ramsey

On Behalf of | Jul 1, 2014 | Firm News |

Tremont & Sheldon’s newest attorney worked with victims in the Suffolk County DA’s office in Massachusetts, an experience that Tim Ramsey credits with attracting him to the personal injury law firm. As a legal intern, he worked on claims brought against the state. He met with victims and helped them through the process.

His personal injury experience also includes working as a legal intern in the Trial and Administrative Law Divisions in the Massachusetts Office of the Attorney General, where he worked on personal injury claims brought against the state of Massachusetts.

Tim was drawn to Tremont & Sheldon by the idea of helping victims receive fair compensation for the injuries they received. He appreciates the service-oriented approach to the firm, and wants potential clients to know that he will work tirelessly on their behalf.

He first joined the firm as a law clerk in 2010, becoming an associate in 2013 after he received his JD from Boston College Law School. He also holds a BS in Political Science and Philosophy from Suffolk University.

If you would like to talk with Tim about a personal injury case, you may contact him to set up a free initial consultation.



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