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Coach Abuse

On Behalf of | Jun 18, 2014 | Firm News, Sexual Abuse |

Attorney discusses the rise in sexual abuse and what parents should do to protect their children.

With the number of after-school programs and traveling sports leagues expanding each year, parents are entrusting their children to the care of others in ways that they weren’t doing even a few years ago. Stories of sexual abuse, once associated mainly with church abuse, are now on the rise through coaches, instructors and camp counselors.

I tell parents that they need to be involved in their children’s activities. Get to know the coach or counselor. Let them see that you are an active presence in your child’s life and that you will be watching. Don’t let your children travel or spend time alone with a coach or counselor. Encourage your children to report any activity and teach them to talk to you if they are uncomfortable with anything that takes place. Talk to other parents and trust your instincts if a situation seems suspicious.

Most importantly, I tell parents and children that it’s so important that they come forward right away if they feel that there has been an instance of abuse. Doing so has the potential to prevent it from happening to another child. But if more time has passed, it’s still worth taking action and bringing an abuser to justice.

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