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Why I’ve chosen to spend 25 years at Tremont & Sheldon

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Attorney Frank Bailey looks back on how his career has evolved at Tremont & Sheldon over the past 25 years.

It’s hard to believe but I’ve been here for more than 25 years now. I started here right after I graduated from the University of Connecticut School of Law in 1987. I’ve stayed here because I like the clients and I like the greater Bridgeport community. More importantly I love the work that we do, the cases that we handle and, quite frankly, the freedom to select a case and to take it to trial and to be there as an advocate for the client.

While I’ve been here I’ve grown professionally. I’ve prepared and argued appeals before the Connecticut Appellate Courts, and I’ve practiced in Federal Court. I’m active in the Connecticut Trial Lawyers Association and the greater Bridgeport Bar Association, and I chair both Worker’s Compensation committees.

For the Bridgeport group I’m the head of the Law Day Committee and every year we have an ecumenical service where all the different churches, synagogues, and temples participate to honor the rule of law and we invite the students from the different Bridgeport schools. We also hold an essay contest and award a prize to winners from the elementary schools and the high schools on a law related topic.

As part of the Trial Lawyers Association I’ve been fortunate enough to conduct seminars on Worker’s Compensation Law and to speak and instruct other attorneys on that topic. We do a lot of different charitable activities, we raise food, we do a food drive around Thanksgiving time, and we’ve been involved in fundraisers for bicycle helmets for kids.

We donate to a variety of different organizations in the community; we like to give back to the community. Personally I’m involved in scouting, I teach a law-related merit badge – believe it or not there is one – every year to about a dozen different scouts from my community and I find that very rewarding.

If you want to discuss a potential case with me, I’d be happy to sit down and discuss your option with you and what to expect. Please contact me to learn more about how to get started.



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