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Talking with a lawyer about sexual abuse

On Behalf of | Apr 30, 2014 | Firm News, Sexual Abuse |


Attorney Jason Tremont describes how he is often the first person that survivors of sexual abuse choose to share their stories, seek justice, and begin on a path to healing.

We are often the first person a survivor of sexual abuse calls when they are ready to tell their story. Sometimes, they may have told a family member, a friend, or a psychologist, but I can tell you on a number of occasions the phone call to me is the very first time that they came forward to say that they were abused.

I listen, I talk with them about compassion, and about how we treat their case with confidentiality. We discuss our experience and expertise in the field, ever since my father started groundbreaking work in the sexual abuse area against the clergy in 1992.

I know that it’s not easy for them to make that phone call and come in. Typically, however, after they do, they feel a sense of ease, they feel that we have the resources and the resolve to fight for them and they tell me that they’re glad that they have come forward.

Sometimes, clients come to us from other attorneys who were not really qualified in the sexual abuse field. Once we start working together, we build a trusting relationship because of all the work we’ve done in the sexual abuse field. The clients want to make sure they can have a comfort level with the firm that they’re looking up and that they will be treated not like a number, but like a person.

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