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On Continuing a Tradition as a Family-Owned Firm

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Attorney Jason Tremont explains how he chose to join the firm his father founded and why he’s continued many of the same practices that his father started, including having attorneys handle cases from the very beginning.

Ever since I was younger, I knew I wanted to follow in the footsteps of my father, Attorney T. Paul Tremont, who founded the firm in 1960. I’d sit around the dinner table and listen to the stories about trials and how people were hurt badly but how they were able to help them. I’ve worked here in every capacity since high school. Becoming a lawyer and joining the firm was a pretty easy choice for me.

My father and I had a wonderful experience during our overlap here. It gave me an opportunity to personally learn not only how to try a case, not only to go to a jury and try cases at an age that was earlier than any other attorney in the state of Connecticut, but also how to treat our clients and potential clients, and that’s with compassion and with respect.

We feel that the size of our firm is our strength. We don’t want to grow to 15 or 20 lawyers because we like individual contact with a client, whether it’s a smaller case or whether it’s a significant complex case. The majority of our cases come in referrals by other attorneys or referrals by clients. It could be families or friends that send them in and we want to treat everybody accordingly.

You’ll notice that when someone comes into our office, they’re not sitting in the lobby forever like you do in a doctor’s office. You’ll notice that attorneys handle the case from day one until it concludes, whether it’s a settlement or all the way for a jury verdict.

I’ve represented grandparents, I’ve represented children; I’ve represented grandchildren from clients. I’ve also represented people that my father had represented years and years ago and they come back to us because we do a good service for them, we do a good job and we really want to treat them as family.

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