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Changing Connecticut Law to Protect Injured Workers

On Behalf of | Nov 26, 2013 | Firm News, Workers' Compensation |


Attorney Bob Sheldon discusses how he’s worked to change worker’s compensation law in Connecticut and why helping injured workers has been a central part of his legal practice.

For almost 40 years, I’ve worked to help people who were hurt on the job, from firefighters and police officers to construction workers and many others. I love helping injured workers. They’re the heart of our community in the Bridgeport area.

They come here with an injury, but they also come here with a great concern about their future because, in many instances, their injuries may prevent them from doing what they used to do – what they love to do. I think what I’ve been able to do is at least allay their concerns and help them get the benefits that they’re entitled to under the Worker’s Compensation Act.

About 15 years ago, as part of the Connecticut Trial Lawyers Association, I also helped draft a new law that allows injured workers to sue their employers if the employers did not carry worker’s compensation insurance. Up to that time, the law said that even if you didn’t carry worker’s compensation insurance as an employer you were still immune from suit.

As a result of that new law getting passed, people have been able to sue employers who don’t carry worker’s compensation insurance for on-the-job injuries. I think that’s provided a tremendous benefit and also an incentive for employers to carry worker’s compensation insurance.

If you know someone who was hurt at work, I’ll take the time to discuss what happened to them, what their rights are in the state of Connecticut, and what they can expect during the course of a worker’s compensation case. Please contact me and we’ll talk.



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