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List of United States Bishops Involved with Sexual Abuse Scandal

On Behalf of | Jun 17, 2013 | Clergy Sexual Abuse, Firm News |

The following list is of United States Bishops who have resigned due to the sexual abuse scandal. This list was provided on the website .

Juan Arzube

Retired’93. D. ’07.  Minor males

Joseph Cardinal Bernardin

Died ’96.  Never confirmed

Michael Bransfield

Accused in ’12.  Not confirmed

Robert Brom

Minor male.  Paid settlement to accuser

Tod Brown


Paul Dudley

D. ’06.  Not confirmed

Thomas Dupre

Resigned ’04. Minor boys

Joseph Ferrario

Resigned ’93. D. ’03. Minor boys

Joseph Gelineau

Resigned ’97.  Adult males

Michael Green

Resigned ’73. D. ’84. Minor boys

Joseph Hart

Resigned ’01. Minor boys

Robert Lynch

Accused, adult male.

Thomas Lyons

D. ’88. Minor boys

Roger Cardinal Mahony

Retired ’11. Cover-up

Eugene Marino

Resigned ’90. D. ’00.  Adult woman

Theodore Cardinal McCarrick

Retired ’06.  Seminarians.  Paid settlement

James McCarthy

Resigned ’02.  Adult woman

George Murray

Rumors.  Not confirmed

Anthony O’Connell

Resigned ’02. D. 12. Minor boys

James Rausch

D. ’81. Adult males

George Reuger

Retired ’05.  Not confirmed

Daniel Ryan

Resigned ’99.  Minor boys

Robert Sanchez

Resigned ’93.  Adult women

William Skylstad

Retired ’12  Rumors never confirmed

Lawrence Soens

Resigned ’98.  Minor boys

Joseph Sullivan

D. ’82.  Minor boys

James Sullivan

Resigned ’02. D. 06. Rumors only

Keith Symons

Resigned ’98. Minor boys

Rembert Weakland

Resigned ’02. Adult male

Christopher Weldon

Resiged ’77. D. ’99.  Not confirmed

Lawrence Welsh

Resigned ’90. D. 99. Adult males

Patrick Zeimann

Resigned ’99.  D. ’12. Minor & adult males




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