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Teacher Abuse and Consequences

On Behalf of | Jun 4, 2012 | Firm News, School Sexual Abuse |

The following is an excerpt from Andrea Peyser’s column in the NY Post. Last week there were 2 major teacher/student sexual abuse situations that were brought to the public’s attention.  Many times female teacher abuse is overlooked or the public perceives it in a different way.  Any teacher/student abuse is wrong and the victims suffer their entire lifetime. The other situation shows that a predator could have been stopped in the 1990s with video tape evidence; however, he was allowed to teach at a different school and is now under investigation for inappropriate contact with a 9 year old. ……. The past week will go down as a depraved chapter in public-school history. It’s the week of Teachers Gone Wild — and cruel. …… But topping the list of deviant educators is one Thomas Gibbons, a violent pedophile I’ve written about for more than a decade.  On Friday, Gibbons, 59, was arrested for allegedly having sexual contact with a 9-year-old New Jersey relative while visiting the child’s family between January 2010 and 2011. Would it surprise you to learn that Gibbons — a tenured New York City special-ed teacher — was once arrested for allegedly grabbing a student by the hair inside William H. Taft HS in The Bronx, slamming her against a wall and holding a gun to her chest?  He was mad that the child tried to break off a sexual relationship that began when she was 15. Guess what. He’s still teaching!

Gibbons is today a member in good standing of the faculty at The Bronx’s John F. Kennedy HS. Despite the brutal attack on his teen love interest, said cops, and at least one other report from a girl who said Gibbons touched her sexually, the complaints went nowhere.How could this happen? Simple. The school system, and its warped, union-backed system for ridding itself of rotten teachers, has been completely impotent in solving the pedophilia crisis. So why shouldn’t freaks take liberties with youngsters if they can get away with it so easily?………In Gibbons’ case, school investigators caught him on tape in 1995 begging a girl, an Indian immigrant who feared and worshipped him, not to press charges for brutalizing her during their long sexual relationship.Well, arbitrator Margaret Leibowitz found the evidence, including the smoking-gun taped confession, to be insufficient! She did nothing.It’s disgusting. And the behavior is contagious. One hot-to-trot Manhattan Theatre Lab HS global-studies teacher, Julie Warning, 26, made out with 18-year-old Eric Arty in a Greenwich Village park last week.She was moved from the classroom but escaped criminal charges because lover boy was of legal age.The young man, incidentally, won $400 in a bet with four pals over who’d be the first to get some off the teacher. Let’s see her get fired.And Erin Sayar, a 36-year-old dingbat who is married with kids, was arrested for enjoying repeated hookups with 16-year-old Brooklyn James Madison HS student Kevin Eng during tutoring sessions that included not a single textbook.In May, Hunter Science HS history teacher Margaret Ann Riordan, 31, was sued for having sex with a 16-year-old kid in 2010 — and for allegedly introducing him to “sexual positions, self-hatred, depression and suicide,” the boy’s mother claims……..The number of teachers caught having sex with students is climbing. And victims are too young to understand that they are being used and abused. They don’t even have the power to say, “No.”…….



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