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Bronx DA Creates Hotline for Prep School Horace Mann Sexual Abuse Victims

On Behalf of | Jun 13, 2012 | Firm News, School Sexual Abuse |

The Bronx  District Attorney’s office on Tuesday established a special hotline to report suspected sexual abuse at a prestigious New York City prep school.
District Attorney Robert  Johnson is encouraging anyone with information about possible inappropriate behavior by staff members at the Horace Mann School to come forward. The move comes after a story published in The New  York Times Magazine last week said the elite school was plagued in the 1980s  and early 1990s by a series of teachers who sexually abused students.

The students, mostly identified in the article by letters in their names, accused at least three now-deceased teachers of repeatedly molesting them and other pupils. They described an atmosphere in which the social lines between teachers and students were routinely blurred, and then taken advantage of by pedophiles. Johnson said Tuesday his office received a copy of the school’s policy on sexual abuse and was researching laws that may allow the office to prosecute cases, should anyone come forward. Mandating Reporting laws differ by state. The hotline number is 718-838-7392.



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