Protecting Your Anonymity

You have done nothing wrong. You know this, but no matter how many times you hear it there will always be a reluctance to come forward. It will take an immense amount of courage, but we know you have it. And our lawyers will stand by your side every step of the way. You have survived and it is time to get justice.

At Tremont Sheldon Robinson Mahoney, we are fierce advocate for the interests of sexual abuse survivors in Connecticut. We understand how difficult it can be to come forward, and we have been amazed by the courage we have witnessed in the survivors we have represented as we pursue sexual abuse claims against clergy, teachers, scout leaders, day care center employees, foster parents and others.

A Proven Track Record Of Protecting The Identity Of Sexual Abuse Survivors

Pursuing justice against St. Francis Hospital placed our client in one of the most high-profile abuse cases in Connecticut history, as it involved more than 150 children who survived sexual abuse. The identity of our client in the case was never made public, because we took great care to protect his or her anonymity.

We do this out of respect because we have seen how difficult it is for survivors to come forward. Survivors should be able to choose when they inform their parents, siblings, loved ones and friends about what has happened rather than having that decision made for them by the media. We are not looking to make ourselves look good, we are in this area of practice to make sure that survivors get the justice they deserve.

If you are ready to come forward, contact us today for a confidential consultation with our Bridgeport attorneys.