Injuries Caused By Guard Rails

Guard rails are designed to prevent cars from veering into unsafe areas such as oncoming traffic lanes, a steep ditches and obstacles. When working as intended, the guard rail absorbs the energy of the crash and helps to keep the car upright and out of danger. Unfortunately, a defective guard rail design can increase the risk of injury in an accident rather than decrease it.

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Injuries Caused By The Trinity ET-Plus Guard Rail End Terminals

One example of an unsafe design is the ET-Plus guardrail end terminal manufactured by Trinity Highway Products. Several states have already halted installation of the faulty end terminals, which are responsible for hundreds of serious injuries and more than 20 deaths.

The injuries and deaths are linked to a design change to the end terminal in 2005. As a result of the design change, rather than absorbing energy in a crash, the end terminal can transfer the energy to the guard rail. In some collisions, the guard rail becomes a spear that enters the passenger compartment, impaling occupants.

Even if you were at fault for veering into the guard rail, the manufacturer may be responsible for your losses if the guard rail failed to perform as intended.

For More Information About Guard Rail Accidents

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