Church/Clergy Abuse

Fighting for Survivors of Church Sexual Abuse in Connecticut

Giving Priest Sexual Abuse Survivors a Voice And Helping Them Heal

Tremont & Sheldon has represented well over 150 survivors of clergy childhood sexual abuse against the Bridgeport Diocese, Hartford Diocese and other religious institutions. We have given these survivors a voice and helped in their healing process and ability to move forward. We were one of the first law firms in the entire United States to stand up to these institutions and tell them what they allowed to happen was wrong. We continue to represent the courageous survivors who come forward and believe it is our duty to make sure they are heard and allowed to heal.

To date, Tremont & Sheldon has represented over 150 survivors of childhood sexual abuse against area dioceses and religious institutions. Please see the Church Timeline of Cases and Church Priests for more in-depth information regarding these cases. We provide a brief summary below:

  • In March of 2001, Tremont & Sheldon reached a confidential global settlement with the Diocese of Bridgeport and its predecessor bishop, Cardinal Edward Egan, on behalf of 24 individuals, most of whom had lawsuits pending for over eight years.
  • Then in October of 2003, Tremont & Sheldon reached a $21 million global settlement with the Diocese of Bridgeport on behalf of 40 additional victims.
  • In October 2005, Tremont & Sheldon reached a $22 million global settlement with the Archdiocese of Hartford on behalf of 43 individuals, of whom Tremont & Sheldon represented 15 of the victims.
  • In years after the first three global settlements, Tremont & Sheldon has settled additional childhood clergy abuse claims apart from these mediations.
  • We continue to represent additional sex abuse survivors against area dioceses and other religious institutions.

Please contact the sexual abuse victim attorneys at Tremont & Sheldon to confidentially and sensitively hear about your case.