Dedicated To Justice For Survivors Of Sexual Abuse

You Are Not Alone

An estimated 39 million survivors of childhood sexual abuse exist in the United States today. Fourteen percent of Connecticut residents experienced childhood sexual assault. Nearly 1 in 5 girls (18 percent) and 1 in 14 boys (7 percent) have been victims of child sexual abuse (as reported by Connecticut Sexual Assault Crisis Services, Inc. — CONNSACS). Children are most vulnerable to child sexual abuse or assault between the ages of 7 and 13.

At Tremont Sheldon Robinson Mahoney, we are committed to representing all survivors of childhood sexual abuse. We are experienced at handling cases involving a variety of abusers and have successfully pursued civil cases for victims of these heinous criminal acts with compassion and discretion. We have been and continue to be amazed by the courage and strength of abuse survivors, and we consider it a privilege to represent and aid them on their journey to recovery.

"When I started practicing law, I never thought that I would be an advocate for sexual abuse victims. But when you see the devastation this kind of harm has caused people for the rest of their lives, you do what you must to help. They need someone to speak for them. I give them that voice." Cindy Robinson

Powerful Advocates For The Survivors Of Sexual Abuse

In our years of pursuing justice for abuse survivors, we have not hesitated to take on the most powerful people and entities. We are a well-established firm that has been advocating for sexual abuse victims in Connecticut for years, and we have represented over 150 survivors from various institutions, including the Church. Additionally, we handle cases involving mandated reporters and we pursue claims against all perpetrators of sexual abuse, including:

  • Clergy and religious leader abuse
  • School, camp, coach and scout abuse
  • Friends, family members and neighbors
  • Doctors, nurses and other medical professionals

Under current Connecticut law, any person who claims damages as a result of being sexually abused or sexually molested as a child has until 30 years past the age of majority (until age 48 typically) in which to file a claim in court.

Changing Legislation For Sexual Abuse Survivors

Our firm has been instrumental in changing legislation to allow victims to come forward years after an incident. Many times the incidents are hidden or tucked away in the survivor's mind, or the survivor is still so afraid and intimidated by the perpetrator that the thought of coming forward is almost insurmountable. Sometimes these memories are not triggered until the survivors have children of their own and they are confronted with allowing their children to go on a Boy Scout trip, become a church helper or go to an out-of-state swim meet.

We Are Here to Help Connecticut Sexual Abuse Survivors

You have the strength to come forward. Our attorneys have the resources to hold your abuser accountable. If you are considering coming forward, we encourage you to contact our Bridgeport sexual abuse lawyers for a confidential and sensitive evaluation of your case.

Attorney Cindy Robinson Interview Regarding the Movie Spotlight

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Attorney Cindy Robinson was interviewed on WICC on Wednesday, January 13th by host Tony Reno. The topic of the interview was the critically acclaimed movie Spotlight that outlines the uncovering of the Catholic Priest Child Abuse cases in Boston. You can listen live to interview by clicking this link. For more information about Catholic Priest Child Abuse cases in Connecticut please refer to our website