Tremont & Sheldon Announces New Blog as a Resource for Sexual Abuse Victims

December 19, 2011

Tremont & Sheldon announces dedicated blog related to relevant sexual abuse news in the state of Connecticut as well as the nation. The blog will be continually updated with local and national case information.

The blog can be found on our website or at:

Tremont & Sheldon have been leaders in the advocacy of childhood sexual abuse victims. To date, Tremont & Sheldon has represented well over 100 victims of childhood sexual abuse against area dioceses and many more against other institutions including schools. Many of the resolutions to these claims have been confidential. Some of the public resolutions included the following: In March of 2001, Tremont & Sheldon reaches a confidential global settlement with the Diocese of Bridgeport and its predecessor bishop, Cardinal Edward Egan. In October of 2003, Tremont & Sheldon reaches a 21 million dollar global settlement with the Diocese of Bridgeport on behalf of another group of victims. In October of 2005, Tremont & Sheldon reaches its first global settlement with the Archdiocese of Hartford. This is a 22 million dollar settlement where Tremont & Sheldon represents 15 of the 43 victims. To date, Tremont & Sheldon has collected approximately 50 million dollars on behalf of victims of child molestation.

In March 2011, Tremont & Sheldon engaged in discussions with the Diocese of Bridgeport regarding mediation on behalf of additional eight victims of childhood sexual abuse involving five priests affiliated with that Diocese. Tremont & Sheldon currently represents numerous additional victims who were sexually abused by priests within the Archdiocese of Hartford and continues to investigate claims against clergy within the state.

In July 2011, Tremont & Sheldon receives a historic jury verdict of $2.75 million - believed to be highest verdict in Connecticut against an institution for a person who has been sexually abused while a child.

For more information to Tremont & Sheldon and their work to help victims of sexual abuse, please visit sexual abuse page.

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